FOBOT Buying Guide
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Sep 2023 4 min read

FOBOT Buying Guide

In this informative article, we will provide a basic buying guide for FOBOTs or “Fibre Optic Break Out Trays” so that you can choose the right product for your specific needs. However, before we look at what you should consider before making a selection, we will briefly explain to you what a FOBOT is and some of its features.

What is a FOBOT?

A FOBOT or “Fibre Optic Break Out Tray” is an essential component that organises, protects, and manages optical fibres and their associated connectors and splices. These trays are also known as fibre optic splice trays or fibre optic splice cassettes and are primarily used in fibre optic network installations.

FOBOTs provide a structured platform for arranging and organizing optical fibres, and they also ensure that the fibres are neatly routed and properly spaced, preventing tangling or excessive bending that could lead to signal loss or damage.

Primary features of a FOBOT

  • Breakout trays protect optical fibres, connectors, and splices from physical damage, dust, moisture, and other environmental factors that can degrade signal quality or disrupt network performance.
  • These trays often have designated routes and channels for guiding and securing fibre optic cables. Proper cable routing ensures that the cables maintain their bend radius and do not become tangled, which can affect signal transmission.
  • They come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different numbers of optical fibres and connectors.
  • FOBOTs can be mounted in various ways, including rack-mounted, wall-mounted, or installed within fibre optic splice closures or enclosures.
  • Many trays have labeling and documentation options to help network technicians and administrators correctly identify and document fibre connections.

Now, we will move into the primary section of this informative article, where we will provide a buying guide for FOBOTs to assist you in selecting the most appropriate product.

FOBOT Buying Guide


Firstly, ensure that the FOBOT or breakout tray you choose is compatible with your fibre optic infrastructure, including the type of fibre connectors. You should also consider the tray size since different sizes accommodate various fibres, so select one that suits your requirements.


Determine the number of fibre optic cables and connectors you need to accommodate within the tray. Breakout trays come in various configurations, such as 12-fibre, 24-fibre, or even higher capacities. So, choose a capacity that matches your current and future needs.

Material & Build Quality

Always try to select a FOBOT that is made from high-quality materials, such as durable plastics or metal. The materials should be robust and resistant to environmental factors like temperature changes and humidity.


One should also consider the ease of access to the fibres and connectors within the tray. Some trays have slide-out or hinged designs that make accessing and managing the fibres easier, especially when performing maintenance or repairs.

Splicing Capability

If you plan to splice fibres within the tray, ensure your FOBOT has built-in splice holders and management features. Some trays come with splice sleeves and holders to simplify the splicing process.

Cost Effective

Before buying a FOBOT, you should compare the prices and features of different brands and models. Although cost may be a significant factor, always try to prioritize quality and functionality to ensure reliable long-term performance.

Future Expansion

Consider your future needs. If you anticipate growth in your fibre optic network, opt for a FOBOT or breakout tray that can accommodate additional fibres or connectors without significant modifications.


As promised at the beginning of this article, we have provided a basic buying guide for FOBOTs. So, consider all the points mentioned in this informative article and if you need further assistance to purchase the most appropriate product for your project, contact our experienced team.

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