Industrial and Infrastructure

Industrial and Infrastructure

Industrial and Infrastructure

Ruggedised products for the harshest environments 

Networks in harsh environments present a different set of challenges to traditional commercial networks. These networks should be created using components designed to survive the many harsh environments in our region that are commonly found in manufacturing plants, mines, defence environments, warehouses, and factories. 

As organisations strive to improve productivity, efficiency and flexibility, the migration to Industrial Ethernet based networks continues to gain popularity, enabling factory floor devices and enterprise business systems to seamlessly communicate in real time. 

Data Cabling

MSS Data Solutions stocks a range of local and globally recognised products for harsh environment networks such as Mil-Spec and breakout tight-buffered cable, as well as ruggedised and armoured loose-tube cable. These cables can also be pre-terminated in our factory and tested prior to delivery.  Our end-to-end solutions include connectors, patch leads, enclosures, splicing equipment, termination tools and test equipment to verify the performance of your network.

Pre-Terminated Cables 

MSS Data Solutions can supply pre-terminated and tested cable assemblies made here in our Australian-based fibre Production Lab. These can be made from riser cable, loose tube cable and breakout cable, decreasing installation time and ensuring all links pass, eliminating the need to re-terminate, saving you considerable time and money. 

Test, Measurement & Splicing 

With EXFO solutions, you will find faults and close jobs faster and more reliably with the smartest optical and copper testers. Invest wisely with the easy-to-use EXFO carrier-grade testers which come with built-in expertise and industry-leading performance. EXFO testers are highly intuitive and require minimal training. 

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