Fibre Optic Cable & Connectivity

Buy Fibre Optic Cable, Unterminated Cable and Cable Connectors from an industry leader in fibre optic communications products. Cut-to-length and pre-terminated cable are dispatched with fast turn-around times from our local Melbourne facility. 

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Fibre Optic Cable and Accessories for Australian Networks

An optical fibre is a glass or plastic fibre that carries light along its length. Optical fibres are widely used in fibre optic communication, allowing transmission over longer distances and at higher data rates than other forms of communications. Fibres are used instead of metal wires, as signals travel along them faster with less loss.  
MSS Data Solutions equips businesses with fibre optic communications cabling, connectors and accessories to unleash their potential. 

Our Fibre Optic Connectivity Range Includes:

Cut-to-Length Cable

Our range of cut-to-length fibre cables are available in the fibre type, mode, and construction required for a huge range of applications. Choose from: 

  • Indoor/Outdoor (IOR) Cable
  • Loose Tube Cable
  • Armoured Cable
  • Hybrid Cable
  • Fire-rated cable
  • Tactical distribution or breakout cable
  • Duplex cable 

For assistance selecting the cable you need, consult our cut-to-length cable selection guide, or contact our friendly sales team. 

Pre-Terminated Cable

Our pre-terminated fibre optic cables are available in loose tube, indoor/outdoor riser and MilSpec, and are an ideal solution for installers without fibre optic experience quoting for projects involving fibre cabling.

If you’re not sure where to start, our guide to selecting what you need for your pre-terminated cable can get you started. 

MPO/MTP Solutions

The MSS Data Solutions Plug and Play MPO/MTP modular product set can be configured in a multitude of ways to best suit customer needs. The solution includes enclosures, cassettes and cable assemblies to provide a complete end-to-end fibre network in either low loss MPO or ultra-low loss MTP in both OM4 or OS2. 

Patch Leads & Pigtails

Our range includes fibre optic patch leads, which are used to connect one device to another for signal routing. Our fibre optic patch cords are available in OM1, OM3, OM4 and Single Mode in all common fibre connector types.

We also supply a range of fibre optic pigtails, a common solution for fibre cable termination. A fibre optic pigtail is a short, single fibre optical cable that contains a factory-installed optical connector on one end. Stocked in a 6 or 12 pack of your chosen mode and connector type. 

Fibre Enclosures (FOBOTs)

Our range of modular rack mount fibre enclosures includes fixed, sliding and complete FOBOT kits for all your network requirements. For areas where extra protection is needed, we offer a range of rodent proof enclosures. 

Fibre Connectors & Accessories

Select from a range of fibre connectors, including thru adaptors, pre-polished fibre connectors and more. 

Why Choose MSS Data Solutions?

  • Deep stocks of all popular cables and accessories are maintained, and our in-house labs offer cut-and-mark cable to order as well as pre-terminated assemblies.
  • We have a unique reputation for investing in local infrastructure to provide innovative technology solutions across industries including cable and connectivity, fibre splicing and test and measurement.
  • The reassurance of a 25-year warranty on eligible installations. 
  • Products are ACMA registered, incorporating A-Tick and C-Tick safety. 
  • Technical standards for compliance certified to ISO 9001. 

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