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Your fibre optic connections will be kept safe and secure by our precisely engineered comprehensive selection of products from MSS Data Solutions. At MSS Data Solutions, we take great pleasure in offering goods that are of the highest quality and meet or exceed industry standards. Ensure that your most important networks get the best possible connection by purchasing FOBOT Enclosures from our online store located in Australia. Our enclosures are renowned for their durability as well as their efficiency, which ensures they provide the best possible performance. You can improve reliability and strengthen your network by purchasing your "FOBOT Enclosures" online in Australia from us.

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Buy our Huge Range of FOBOT Online

What is a FOBOT?

FOBOT stands for Fibre Optic Break Out Tray, a significant component that can be used in organizing fibre network cabling. FOBOT ensures that a network stays reliable and well-organized while increasing performance. 

Before you buy a FOBOT online, it’s important to understand the types. Yes, there are different types of FOBOTs and they are needed for fibre optic cable management, protection, and distribution:

  • Fixed Tray FOBOT — Using fixed tray FOBOTs is the easiest way to manage fibre optic cables. The splices are completely protected inside as the breakout tray is fixed in place.
  • Swing Out FOBOT — A swing out FOBOT has a swinging tray that allows separation from the rack so it can do easy access to fibers. This type of FOBOT is suitable when the change of splices is frequent.
  • Slide Out FOBOT — A slide out FOBOT features a sliding tray that gives the best access to the fibre optic cables. This type of FOBOT is ideal for networks where regular access is essential and has limited space.

How Does a FOBOT Work?

Since FOBOT is an advanced device, it follows a unique working mechanism:

  • First, trunk cables or larger fibre optic cables enter the breakout tray. These optic cables have multiple optic fibres.
  • Next, the outer jacket of the main cable is removed inside the breakout tray. The trunk cable’s outer jacket is made of Nylon or PVC.
  • Once the outer jacket of the trunk cable is removed, the ‘breaking out’ procedure starts where the smaller optic fibres are separated.
  • After the ‘breaking out’ process, fibres are organized within the breakout tray for easier connection. The breakout tray protects individual fibres and prevents further damage.
  • The individual fibres are attached to fibre optic connectors within the breakout tray which allows easy connection to other equipment.
  • Breakout tray also includes labeling options which helps technicians manage the network’s troubleshoots.

FOBOT vs Patch Panel

Patch panels and FOBOTs both are useful devices and can be used for managing fibre connections. However, technicians use them for different purposes in a network. FOBOTs are usually used for organizing and protecting spliced fibre connections. They are used to protect delicate splices.

On the other hand, a patch panel works as a static switchboard to connect optical fibres. This device helps individuals reroute optical fibres’ path that involves cross-connections.

Where Can You Buy a FOBOT?

Various online platform sells FOBOTs nowadays, thanks to the demand in several industries. But it’s best if you buy your FOBOT online from MSS Data Solutions, a trusted portal in Australia that provides high-quality FOBOTs and fibre optic products.

MSS Data Solutions is one of the leading online portals that sells top-quality FOBOTs. If you are ready to purchase FOBOTs, visit the official site of MSS Data Solutions and browse all the FOBOTs available. Contact them or go through the website to learn more about the types of FOBOTs.

FOBOT Buying Guide

Consider these important factors before buying FOBOTs online:

  • Capacity — Ensure how many connectors and fibre optic cables you need within the breakout tray since it comes in several configurations. Choose the right capacity that suits your needs.
  • Build Quality — Before you buy FOBOTs, consider the quality of the device. Always choose FOBOTs that are made of high-quality materials such as metal or enduring plastic. Plus, the material has to be temperature-resistant.
  • Compatibility — Checking the compatibility of the breakout tray is essential. Make sure the FOBOT is compatible with your fibre optic infrastructure. Plus, consider the size of FOBOT and select one as per your requirements.
  • Cost Efficiency — Before buying a FOBOT, consider the features and prices of different brands. Even though cost is an important factor, always prioritize the quality of the device.
  • Splicing Capability — If you have a plan for the splicing process, purchase a FOBOT that has built-in splice holders and features. Some breakout trays come with splice holders that are efficient for the splicing process.

Buy a FOBOT Online in Australia on MSS Data Solutions

Ready to buy a FOBOT online? MSS Data Solutions is a trustworthy platform for fibre optic and communication cabling products. We have a huge collection of FOBOTs that suit customer needs. Bulk orders are available at an affordable price which will be budget-friendly for customers.

MSS Data Solutions provides nationwide delivery across Australia. Whether you are from Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne, we will deliver the order to your location promptly.

MSS Fibre Systems Fixed Rack Mount Enclosures offer the installer an affordable product of compact design, perfect for small cabinets or wherever space is limited. The rack mount enclosures ensure stability due to a ridged design and are easy to use. Available only in a modular coupler panel version capable of housing ST, SC and LC connectivity. 

Our Sliding Rack Mount Enclosures offer the installer a premium product with a variety of features for easy direct termination or fusion splicing of cables due  
to its unique sliding tray system. Its modular design provides the flexibility to choose from a variety of thru-adaptor types including ST, SC, FC, LC and MTRJ. Splice cassettes are easily fitted via pre-installed mountings and the sliding tray allows technicians easy access back into the enclosure after installation for repairs and maintenance. 

The MSS Fibre Systems Rodent Proof Enclosure includes special features that ensure the enclosure keeps rodents from entering to where the fibres are exposed. 

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