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What is a Power Board?

A Power Board, also known as a power strip, is a device with multiple electrical sockets that connect several devices to a single power outlet. One can also define a power board as a circuit board that manages and distributes power within a device.

A power board usually has multiple electrical outlets (sockets) arranged in a row, allowing you to plug in several devices simultaneously. The most common designs are the 4 point power board and 6 point power board. The 4 point power board allows 4 simultaneous connections, while the 6 point power board allows 6 simultaneous connections.

Types of Power Board

Usually, you will find several kinds of power boards on MSS Data Solutions, but in this section, we will mention the most common types available on the market.

  • Surge Protector Power Board – These power boards include surge protection components to safeguard connected devices from voltage spikes or surges. This type is ideal for protecting sensitive electronic devices like computers and TVs from potential damage caused by power surges.
  • Smart Power Board - A smart power strip can be controlled remotely, often via a smartphone app or voice commands through virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Using this power board, one can turn connected devices on/off remotely, schedule power usage, and sometimes monitor energy consumption.
  • Basic Power Board - A basic power strip is a simple device with multiple electrical outlets and a power cord. This power board expands the number of outlets available for devices in homes and offices.
  • USB Power Board – A USB power board includes USB ports in addition to traditional electrical outlets, allowing direct charging of USB-powered devices without the need for adapters. A Power Board with USB conveniently charges smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices without using separate chargers.
  • Heavy Duty Power Board – These power strips are designed for high-power devices and appliances. They are suitable for workshop tools, kitchen appliances, or other devices with higher power requirements.

Uses of a Power Board

The primary uses of a power board are as follows:

  • The primary purpose of a power board is to expand the number of available electrical outlets.
  • You can use a  Power board with USB ports to charge smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other USB-powered devices without needing individual chargers.
  • Power boards are essential for computer workstations, providing power for desktop computers, monitors, printers, and other peripherals.
  • Power boards with surge protectors safeguard sensitive electronic equipment from power surges caused by lightning, electrical faults, or other disturbances.
  • Smart power boards allow users to control connected devices remotely through smartphone apps or voice commands, contributing to home automation.
  • A power board with switches helps to control each electrical outlet on the power board separately so you can turn off/on the devices from the power board itself.

How to reset Power board

This section will mention the key steps you might follow to reset a power board. Always follow the manufacturers instructions.

  • Unplug Devices - Disconnect all devices plugged into the power board so that there is no active power flow through the board during the reset process.
  • Turn off the power board switch – If you are using a power board with switches, in this step, turn off all the switches.
  • Unplug the Power Board - Unplug the power board from the electrical outlet. Ensure you grasp the plug rather than pulling on the cord to avoid damage.
  • Wait for a few seconds – Wait for a few seconds to ensure that any residual electrical charge within the power board dissipates.
  • Replug the Power Board -- Replug the power board back into the electrical outlet. Properly insert the plug into the electrical outlet to avoid any accidents.
  • Turn on the switches – If you have a power board with switches, turn on all the switches to execute this step successfully.
  • Reconnect Devices – In this step, reconnect your devices to the power board. However, be mindful of the power requirements of each device and avoid overloading the power board.
  • Check for Operation – Finally, verify whether the power board is functioning correctly by checking if power is supplied to the connected devices.

Power Board Buying Guide

To buy Power Board online, consider the following factors:

  • Power Board with Switches – Always try to go for those power boards that come with an individual switch for each electrical outlet rather than a single switch controlling all the electrical outlets.
  • Number of plug points – Generally, you will come across 4 point power board or 6 point power board. So, determine the number of devices you need to connect to the power board and eventually go for a 4 point power board or 6 point power board.
  • Power Board with USB – Nowadays, most devices come with a USB port, so selecting a power board with USB port is always beneficial. Using a USB power board is better because it allows you to charge your USB devices without using separate chargers.
  • Power Board with Surge Protector – Always try to select power boards with a surge protection component since it safeguards connected devices from voltage spikes or surges.
  • Cord Length -  Consider the length of the power board's cord. Ensure it is long enough to reach the nearest power outlet without needing an additional extension cord.
  • Indication Lights – Select Power boards with LED indicator lights because they show whether the unit is powered on and visually confirm surge protection status.

Buy Power Board Online in Australia on MSS Data Solutions

Visit our website, MSS Data Solutions, if you want to buy power boards online. In our online store, you will find several types of power boards, including USB power board and power board with protection overload.

You can easily buy Power Boards online from our website as it offers a user-friendly interface. We also provide reasonable pricing for bulk orders. Our online store delivers power boards across Australia, ensuring that you receive your order in a timely manner, no matter where you are located.

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