Enterprise and Data Centres

Enterprise and Data Centres

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The demand for greater network speed and capacity continues to increase as corporate networks evolve and storage capacity requirements increase with technologies such as Cloud storage becoming more commonplace. 

IT managers are faced with a continually growing range of Ethernet standards that their networks need to be designed around. The development of 40GB and 1000GB Ethernet, which makes use of parallel 10GB links, means multimode fibre can be used and existing OM3/OM4 networks can be upgraded to support this, albeit at shorter lengths supported by singlemode. 

The MSS Data Solutions team works with our customers during the design stage, bringing to the table an end-to-end product solution that ensures your network seamlessly connects from the backbone fibre right through to the MTP/MPO FOBOT's and patch leads. 

25 Year Warranty

For peace of mind, our 25 Year Warranty is a product replacement warranty covering components, link performance and applications support*. 
The warranty can be offered for any size of project installed by an ACMA registered cabler for links comprised solely of the MSS Data Solutions products. 
*Conditions apply 

Pre-Terminated Cables

MSS Data Solutions can supply pre-terminated and tested cable assemblies made here in our Australian-based fibre Production Laboratory.

These can be made from Riser or Loose Tube cable and greatly decrease installation time. All assemblies are factory tested eliminating the need to re-terminate, saving you considerable time and money. 


Our extensive range of racks, wall mount cabinets and associated accessories are robust and manufactured fully assembled for shipment, saving customers cost and time onsite. 

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