25 Year Warranty

25 Year Warranty

25 Year Warranty

For peace of mind, our 25 Year Warranty is a product replacement warranty covering components, link performance and applications support*.  

The warranty can be offered for any size of project installed by an ACMA registered cabler for links comprised solely of the MSS Fibre Systems, MSS Copper Systems and Hypertec products. 

*Conditions apply

MSS Data Solutions commitment under the warranty program

In the event of a valid claim by the end-user, MSS Data Solutions will repair or replace product and pay reasonable re-installation costs at their discretion with the following provisos: 

  • All products used in the link are supplied by Legend Corporation (trading as MSS Data Solutions)
  • The declaration made by the cabler on the warranty application form is true

Link test requirements

To be eligible for the warranty, all links must be tested and results submitted in raw format. Other requirements include:  

  • Test results - light source and power meter including make and model with current calibration 
  • Test results - Fluke or equivalent copper test results in raw format (ie .flw) 

Warranty application process

On completion of link testing, the cabler must complete the warranty application form and send it to sales@mssdatasolutions.com.au along with required documents below.

An original copy should be maintained by the cabler for the duration of the warranty period. 

  • Photos as proof of installation 
  • Details of cable run(s): type of cable used, distance and core counts 
  • Details of the equipment used to terminate and house the fibre at each end

Once approved MSS Data Solutions will send a warranty certificate for the project and a warranty statement detailing MSS Data Solutions’ commitment to the cabler within 30 days of receiving a valid application form. 

Terms & Conditions

This 25 Year Warranty covers MSS Data Solutions product only at the original site of installation from the date of installation. It does not cover labour or incidental costs. This 25 Year Warranty will be void if non-MSS Data Solutions product is installed on the network. 
Defective product must be returned to MSS Data Solutions for inspection. MSS Data Solutions will not accept claims sight unseen. MSS Data Solutions will repair or replace product once inspected and the claim has been approved with new or refurbished items at their discretion. 

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