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Our extensive range provides customers with fibre, copper, racking, splicing, testing and measurement solutions for any project in the Enterprise/Data Centre, Industrial, Infrastructure and Telecommunications industries.

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<span style="background: #D9D8D6; color: black">Networks for Today and the Future</span>


FTTx and PON Networks are being installed in Australia and around the world with the NBN being the largest rollout. FTTx and PON networks are point-to-multi point networks that provide homes and businesses with connections to telephone, internet and television on as little as one core of...

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<span style="background: #D9D8D6; color: black">Working for the Harshest Environments</span>

Industrial and Infrastructure

Networks in harsh environments present a different set of challenges to traditional commercial networks. These networks should be created using components designed to survive the many harsh environments in our region that are commonly found in manufacturing plants, mines, defence environments,...

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<span style="background: #D9D8D6; color: black">Evolving with Technology</span>

Enterprise and Data Centres

The demand for greater network speed and capacity continues to increase as corporate networks evolve and storage capacity requirements increase with technologies such as Cloud storage becoming more commonplace. IT managers are faced with a continually growing range of Ethernet standards that...

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