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MSS Data Solutions partner with EXFO, a leading provider of next-generation test and service assurance solutions for wireless and wireline network operators and equipment manufacturers in the global telecom industry.

EXFO offers innovative solutions for the development, installation, management, and maintenance of converged, IP fixed and mobile networks and includes a range of fault locators, inspection probes, OTDR, power meters and network testing software.

Inspection Scopes and Probes

Suitable for all optical networks, our fibre inspection scopes and probes range from fully manual to fully automatic, preventing any network failures due to dirty and/or damaged fibre connectors.

Light Source and Power Meters (LSPM)

Built for top performance and pinpoint accuracy, our range of light sources and power meters cater for various testing requirements and are optimised for different types of networks including the NBN.

OTDRs, Platforms and Modules

Our compact and rugged OTDRs provide highly accurate measurements to easily characterise and validate fibre links, making them simple to use in the field. With the iOLM technology, analysis of optical test data is so simple that any technician – regardless of experience – can now become a fibre testing expert.

Live Fibre Detectors

These handheld live fibre detectors don’t disrupt traffic, nor damage or over-stress fibres, enabling efficient, accurate and reliable data acquisition. Pinpoint live and dark fibres and avoid unnecessary manipulations, saving time and eliminating guesswork.

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