Connect and Secure Your Network 

Your network needs a source of truth: before, during, and after deployment. With a complete portfolio of test, visibility, and security solutions, Keysight Technologies are trusted to future-proof customers’ networks throughout their entire lifecycle across physical, virtual, and cloud networking environments. Safe, reliable and responsive networks rely on Keysight Technologies, proudly partnering with MSS Data Solutions.

Ensure high-performing networks and applications 

Whether you're manufacturing network equipment or designing your own network, you need to build for optimal performance and compliance. That means testing your network in hybrid environments against a range of protocols, traffic patterns, and application workloads. Keysight offer a wide range of network test solutions for today’s most demanding network architectures, including full network testing across all physical and application layers, as well as appliance testing.

Understand what's happening on your live network

Keysight offer a wide range of network visibility solutions for enterprises and communication service providers to help better connect and secure your network by monitoring and responding to network and security issues on your network. Using Keysight solutions allows you to capture deep insights into network traffic, applications, and user experience across your entire network environment; enabling you to eliminate blind spots, increase efficiency, and get the right data to the right tools at the right time.

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