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Shop online for Copper Patch Cords, available in a range of colours and lengths to suit home office, commecrial and data centre needs. If you're looking for Cat5e patch cords, see our range here. If it's the faster Cat6 patch cords that you're after, check out our Cat6 range here. And if you need 10Gbps Cat6A patch cords, you'll find them here.

Buy your Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A patch cords online and we'll ship them Australia wide with fast delivery.

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What is Patch Cable or Patch Cord?

A patch cable, or patch cord, is an electrical cable that has connectors on both ends using which you can connect electronic devices or components. Patch cords help to initiate connections between various components within an electronic system, and eventually allow data transmission, signal routing, and communication between devices.

Use of Patch Cords

The primary uses of patch leads or patch cords are as follows.

  • Telecommunications – A patch cord, allows you to connect telephones to wall jacks and other devices. They also help to connect modems to computers and eventually facilitate internet access through cable connections or phone lines.
  • Networking – In networking environments, patch cables connect computers, routers, switches, and other networking devices. Furthermore, Patch cords are also essential for establishing wired network connections.
  • Data Centers – In data centres, patch leads establish connections between servers, storage devices, and networking switches. They help to create flexible and scalable network architectures to support the storage, processing, and transfer of large volumes of data.
  • Used for testing and troubleshooting – Often, patch cords are used for testing network ports and also to diagnose issues. Using a patch cord you can loopback connection to verify port functionality.
  • Fiber Optic Networks – You can use a patch cord in a fiber optic network to get high-speed data transmission over long distances.  

How to make a patch cable?

If you want to make a patch cable or patch lead properly, carefully go through the steps mentioned below.

  1. Prepare the cable – Firstly measure and cut the cord to the desired length. After cutting the cable, untwist and straighten the individual twisted pairs of wires.
  2. Arrange the wires – In this step, arrange the wires in the correct order as per T568A or T568B wiring standards.
  3. Insert the Wires into the RJ45 Connector – In this step, you need to insert the arranged wires into the RJ45 connector. 
  4. Crimp the connector – After inserting the wires into the RJ45 connector, crimp the RJ45 connector onto the blunt patch cord using a crimping tool. 
  5. Test the Patch Cord – Finally, with the help of a cable tester verify the connections and ensure that the patch lead is properly wired and functioning correctly. 

Types of patch cables?

Some common types of patch cords are:

  • Ethernet Patch cables – You will usually find these patch cables in Ethernet networking applications. Ethernet patch cables use RJ45 connectors and twisted pair copper wires. In the market, you will find different categories of Ethernet patch cables, including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7 cables. 
  • Blunt Patch Cords – The patch cords which does not have connectors attached to their ends are known as Blunt Patch cords. These are raw cables in which you will not find any connectors like RJ45 or RJ11.
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cables - If you want high-speed data transmission over long distances fiber optic patch cables are the best option. You will generally find these patch cables in telecommunications, data centers, and other high-bandwidth applications.
  • USB Patch Cables – USB patch cables are used to connect USB-enabled devices like computers, printers, cameras, and external storage devices. USB patch cables come in different options like USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, and mini-USB.

Are patch cables and ethernet cables the same?

People often interchangeably use Patch cables and Ethernet cables in many contexts, so we can say that they refer to the same product.

Ethernet cables are used in a broader aspect and you may use them primarily for Ethernet networking applications. In the market, you will get different types of Ethernet cables, such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7, where each offers different performance characteristics and data transmission speeds.

On the other hand, patch cables are a particular type of Ethernet cable that you can use for short-distance connections within a network. They are shorter in length and are used to connect devices temporarily or semi-permanently.

Where can you buy Patch Cords?

To buy patch cords online from the best source, visit MSS Data Solutions. On this online platform, you will get various patch leads, including Ethernet patch leads, USB patch leads, and several other categories at the most affordable rates.

MSS Data Solution has a straightforward interface, so you can easily purchase the product from their online platform. However, if you like, you can even contact them and ask about the product before buying a particular patch lead.

Patch Cable Buying Guide

Review all the factors mentioned below before buying a particular patch lead.

  • Connector Type –Correctly select the connector type that matches your devices and networking equipment (e.g., RJ45 for Ethernet, RCA for audio/video, LC or SC for fiber optic).
  • Cable Type – Determine the type of patch cable you need based on your application (Ethernet networking, audio/video, fiber optic, etc.). Furthermore, choose the appropriate cable category and specifications, like patch leads cat6 or patch cable cat7 type, based on your networking requirements.
  • Length – Properly measure the distance between the devices you intend to connect to determine the appropriate cable length. Mostly, people prefer to use patch cords 1mtr in length as that length is long enough and you can avoid stretching or straining the cables.
  • Flexibility & Durability – Try to go for patch cables that are flexible and durable, especially if you want to move them or plug & unplug them frequently. High-quality connectors and robust cable construction contribute to durability.

Buy Patch Cords Online in Australia on MSS Data Solutions

As mentioned earlier, visit MSS Data Solutions to buy patch cords online. We have a variety of patch leads, so you can easily find your preferred patch lead from MSS Data Solutions. We deliver the products all over Australia, so you will get the product at your doorstep if you stay in Australia.

The best part of MSS Data Solution is that they take bulk orders, so you can purchase massive amounts of patch leads as per your requirements. So, to buy patch cords online effortlessly, go to MSS Data Solutions immediately and experience seamless online shopping and prompt delivery.

Shop from our range of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A Patch Leads. Available in a range of colours and lengths, these Patch Cords are perfect for connecting Laptops, PCs and Computers to RJ45 Jack Outlets as well as connecting Patch Panels and WiFi Access Points to Network Switches. We stock these Patch Leads in several colours, ideal for identifying different Networks. They’re also available in a number of lengths ranging from 0.3 Metres up to 10 Metres and longer. All our Patch Leads meet or exceed TIA and ISO performance standards and are also RCM Compliant, giving you the peace of mind that our Patch Cords are of exceptional quality.

Shop Cat5e

Available in multiple colours and a range of lengths, our Cat5e Patch Leads support speeds of up to 1 Gigabit.

Shop Cat6

Available in both standard and slim or reduced diameter, our Cat6 Patch Leads are ideal for use in homes, offices and data racks.

Shop Cat6A

Available in a range of colours and lengths, our Cat6A Patch Leads feature a foil + braid shield to minimise noise and ensure Cat6A 10GB performance is met.

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