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MSS Data Solutions is where you should go to get media conversion solutions of the highest caliber. Our extensive product line is designed to smoothly convert between fibre and Ethernet so that it is compatible with more devices. At MSS Data Solutions, we put an emphasis on quality and provide innovative solutions that are adapted to meet the requirements of individual customers. We sell some of the most advanced media conversion tools available online in Australia, so you can buy from us and enjoy smooth transitions between various forms of media. The dependability and effectiveness of our goods guarantees the highest possible level of performance. Place your order right now to take advantage of our dependable and speedy delivery across Australia. Immediately improve the quality of your connection experiences by purchasing "Media Conversion" online in Australia.

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Buy Our Huge Range of Media Converter Online

What is a Media Converter?

A media converter is a flexible and cost-efficient networking device that converts ethernet from one cable type to another type. Media converters are used in copper networks to boost the immunity to electromagnetic interference and cable distances. A media converter can also extend LANs and convert fiber models. A media converter is an electronic device and it requires external power. This device comes with many power options like AC, DC, USB, and POE. Some people use this networking device to identify troubleshooting during long-distance transmission.

Types of Media Converter

Some common types of media converters are:

  • Standard Media Converter — As this type of converter is designed without a web interface, it’s the simplest one. This type of media converter is ideal for those people who need simple devices.
  • Enterprise Media Converter — As the name suggests, this type of media converter can be used for enterprise network cabling applications.
  • Carrier Ethernet Media Converter — Carrier ethernet media converters are used for extending ethernet to provide WAN connectivity.
  • PoE Media Converter — PoE media converters are compatible with PoE-powered devices. This type of converter powers devices like video conferencing equipment, WiFi devices, and IP phones.
  • Fiber to Fiber Media Converter — Fiber to fiber media converter has an optical output port and input port as both ends are connected with fiber. An individual can use this media converter to connect multimode and single-mode fiber to establish communication.
  • Copper to Fiber Media Converter — This type of media converter has RJ 45 for electric signals. A copper-to-fiber media converter can be used to send electric signals using copper cables.

How Does a Media Converter Work

A fiber media converter provides a mutual conversation between electrical signals and optical signals. The electrical signal is the output of the electrical port and the optical signal is the output of the output port. 

A media converter works like: convert electrical signals into optical signals, transmitting them through fibers, and converting optical signals to electrical signals. The converter connects electrical signals to switches, routers, and other equipment.

Use of Media Converter

Since the media converter is a significant networking device, you can use it for various purposes:

  • Transmitting — The remote media converter uses fiber transmission to transmit information to the server room. As the converter is connected to the device, it transmits the data to the media converter. Then, the networking device converts electrical signals from the ethernet port to optical signals.
  • Receiving — The fiber media converter receives optical signals from the remote media converter in the server room. The optical signal is transmitted by optical fiber and the media converter converts it into the electrical signal.

Where to Buy Media Converter?

As a media converter is a significant networking device, you can find various platforms selling them. However, if you are looking for a reliable and high-performing media converter, MSS Data Solutions is the best place. 

Visit MSS Data Solutions’ official site and choose the right one from the huge variety of collections. To get more details regarding media converters, contact them before buying.

Media Converter Buying Guide

If you are ready to buy media converter online, there are some considerations you have to check beforehand:

  • Fiber Port Type — If it’s your first time buying a media converter, make sure you check the fiber port type. The most common types are FC, SC, and LC but it depends on the applications.
  • Data Rate — Data rate is one of the most important considerations while buying a media converter. Make sure you choose the right one as per requirements.
  • Fiber Type — Besides fiber port type, a media converter’s fiber type is also important. Some common fiber types are fiber optic copper and single-mode fiber optic to multimode fiber optic.
  • Wavelength — Wavelength is another important factor you have to check before purchasing a media converter. The wavelength plays a significant role in adding the media converter to the fiber optic network.

Buy Media Converter Online in Australia on MSS Data Solutions

If you want to buy media converter online, visit MSS Data Solutions, a trusted online platform in Australia with a huge collection of products. You can browse and select the right media converters from MSS Data Solutions.

MSS Data Solutions lets you buy media converters and other products in bulk quantities. We provide nationwide delivery across Australia, ensuring the product reaches you fast. Whether you are from Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney, we will deliver the order promptly.

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