MSS Fibre 6 Core OM3 Loose Tube Blue Nylon Jacketed Cable

Item Number: CAB-LT-06-MM3
Packaging Unit: 1 / Metre
  • Dry blocked central non-metallic strength member with fibres contained in jelly filled loose tubes (12/tube)
  • Blue nylon jacket over PE sheath
  • For direct burial underground use
  • Insect-resistant nylon jacket
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Product Information

Product Description

A termite resistant loose tube cable featuring a non-metallic strength member, gel filled tubes and a dry block core, for use in both direct bury and conduit/duct applications. The Thixotropic gel filled tubes and water swellable yarns (dry core) prevent water ingress while the non-metallic glass fibre reinforced plastic central strength member maintains excellent tensile strength.

This standard loose tube construction features an inner UV resistant Polyethylene (PE) sheath and an outer termite/UV resistant Polyamide Nylon jacket.
Other options include Composite (MM + SM), Sacrificial Sheath and CST Armour.

Loose Tube Cable Features

- Blue UV and Insect/Termite resistant Nylon (Polyamide) Jacket
- Black PE (Polyethylene) UV resistant Inner sheath
- Polyester based rip cords for easy sheath removal
- Water blocking tape and swellable yarns prevent ingress into the core
- Thixotropic gel filled tubes prevent water ingress into the tubes
- Non-metallic fibre reinforced plastic rod central strength member provides tensile strength

# of Cores - Fibre: 6
Mode: OM3
Armoured: No
Sacrificial Sheath: No
Cable Jacket Material: Nylon
Fibre Cable Type/Construction: LT | Loose Tube
Jacket Colour: Blue
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