MSS Fibre 24 Core Singlemode Mini Loose Tube Blue Nylon Jacketed Cable

Item Number: CAB-MLT-24-SM
Packaging Unit: 1 / Metre
  • External Mini Loose Tube Optical Cable for use in micro ducts
  • Blue nylon jacket over PE sheath
  • GRP Central Strength Member
  • Insect-resistant nylon jacket
  • UV Stabilised
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Product Information

Product Description

24F Loose Tube Cable SM/OS2
Multi-loose tube construction – Single layer 

Features a Glass fibre reinforced plastic central strength member(GRP)

Each tube is made from a Thermoplastic material, containing up to 12 optical fibres filled with a low viscosity, thixotropic, non-melting gel fully compatible with fibre coating and tube

UV stabilised Nylon sheath in compliance with AS 1049 bonded to the PE inner sheath

Loose Tube Cable Features
• Blue UV and Insect/Termite resistant Nylon (Polyamide) Jacket
• Black PE (Polyethylene) UV resistant Inner sheath
• Polyester based rip cords for easy sheath removal
• Water blocking tape and swellable yarns prevent ingress into the core
• Thixotropic gel filled tubes prevent water ingress into the tubes
• Non-metallic fibre reinforced plastic rod central strength member provides tensile strength

# of Cores - Fibre: 24
Mode: SM
Armoured: No
Sacrificial Sheath: No
Cable Jacket Material: Nylon
Fibre Cable Type/Construction: LT | Loose Tube
Jacket Colour: Blue
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