Met.Gland: OD 32-42 Shielded-Long

Item Number: GU63EMC/L
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Metal EMC gland with camera shutter type cable seal rated IP68 (5 bar) & with cable shield connection
  • Large cable range per gland sealing with CR/NBR rubber seal
  • Nickel plated brass body with Polyamide 6 V-2 insert
  • Locknut sold separately, but with NBR o-ring
  • Ease of use with mesh or foil shielded cable
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Product Information

Product Description

Our range of easy to use EMC glands are designed for the effective termination of mesh or foil shielded EMC cable. The product is comprised of a corrosion resistant, nickel plated brass body with a polyamide insert and NBR rubber seal.

The gland utilises a camera-shutter type cable seal to achieve an IP68 (5 bar) waterproof rating whilst still supporting a wide cable diameter range. The product has integrated strain relief capability and includes a cable shield connection.


Mounting Diameter (A): 63mm
Thread Length (L): 14mm
Min. Cable Range: 32mm
Max. Cable Range: 42mm
Width A/F: 65mm

Lock nut sold separately: LNM63EMC

View the product range to browse sizes from 12mm to 63mm metric thread. Determine the size you need with our EMC gland selection chart, see product data sheet.

How to Install EMC Glands

To ensure compatibility the gland must be terminated into a metal enclosure or terminal box. The shielding of the cable should be stripped back to the point where the gland enters the enclosure. The gland is passed over the cable and the shielding terminated into the bottom of the gland. The gland is then screwed together and connected to the enclosure.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a characteristic which refers to the ability of an electrical or electronic device or system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment, without introducing intolerable electromagnetic interference (EMI) to anything in that environment.

EMC encompasses controls of both unintentional emissions from a range of products that can interfere with radio communications, as well as protection of a range of devices that may be susceptible to intentional transmissions.

In order to effectively terminate shielded EMC cables, a suitable EMC gland is required.

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