Multifunction Cable Stripper 4-28mm

Item Number: KAM4-28M
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Multifunction cable stripper for installation wiring and round cable diameter 4-28mm
  • Stranded and solid wire stripping 0.5-6 sq. mm
  • Spring loaded clamp & swivel blade for outer sheath
  • High strength fibre glass reinforced body with steel blades
  • Weight 61g
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Product Information

Product Description

The cable stripper KAM4-28M Multi allows all common round cables of between 4 and 28 millimetres diameters to be stripped accurately, quickly and safely. The cutting depth of the blade can be regulated infinitely with the help of an adjustment wheel in the casing. This prevents damage to the inner conductor. The blade is integrated elf-rotating into the casing, allowing automatic conversion from circular to longitudinal cutting. The additional wire-stripping function has been integrated into the casing and allows all common flexible and solid conductors with a cross-section of between 0.5 and 6 square millimetres to be stripped.

*Note: Do not use on "live" conductors

Stripper Type: Swivel Blade
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