Junction Box For Overblowing

Item Number: MSS-C-1254-001-01
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Designed to install a new cable into an occupied sub-duct (subject to space)
  • Heavy-duty Aluminium base and lid
  • Collets and seals are required for cables and sub-duct
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Cable 'Over Blowing' Junction Box

The Cable 'Over Blowing' junction box has been designed to install a new cable into an occupied sub-duct (subject to space). The Junction Box is comprised of a heavy duty aluminium base and lid that form a pressurised chamber into which one end of the occupied sub-duct can be attached. The existing cable can then exit the box from either side of the two branches to best suit the application. The vacant branch of the Junction Box is then connected to the tornado using a short length of sub-duct for the installation of the new cable.

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