Data Cable Tracer

Item Number: C183
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Probe picks up any tone generator with a pickup distance < 50cm
  • Tone generator and transmitter/tester in kit
  • Many test options for phone lines
  • Continuity and polarity
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Product Information

Product Description

The Data Cable Tracer consists of a receiver probe and tester/generator module and can trace cables, test continuity and phone lines and more.

NOTE: Not to be used on live circuits unless telephone/communications cable. Max. 110V.

The Data Cable Tracer is supplied in a gift box with operating manual, soft carry bag, batteries and test leads.

Data Cable Tracer Features

- Pick up any tone generator
- Battery life -100 hrs
- Headset jack in probe
- Sensitivity control
- Operating Frequency 1Hz to 12kHz
- Pickup distance < 50cm

- Audible & visual indications
- Continuity and polarity
- Tone select - fast or slow
- Polarity of phone line
- Resistance of voltage free components
- Test capacitors
- Test transistors
- ON/OFF switch for TEST=PHONE functions
- Tone - square wave 1kHz - 15%
- Tone generator over voltage - 80 VDC
- Phone tester: 1.U Test < 4.75 V 2.I Test < 2 mA 3. Resistance - 0 - 2 M+«


Batteries: 6 x 1.5V AA
Dimensions: L260 x W92 x T55mm
Weight: 125g

Batteries: 1 x 9 V 6F22
Dimensions: L260 x W92 x T55mm
Weight: 320g

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