Waterproof Splice Terminal Blue

Item Number: WPS2
Packaging Unit: 25 / Pack
  • Glue-lined heat shrink insulation provides a completely waterproof connection.
  • Shrinkage temperature of 180°C ensures secure sealing of the terminal.
  • Made from durable copper and heat shrink materials for reliable performance.
  • Maximum voltage rating of 600V for versatility in electrical applications.
  • Certifications including UL, ROHS, REACH, and CE ensure compliance with industry standards.
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Product Information

Product Description:

Cabac Waterproof Splice Terminals are designed to provide reliable and durable electrical connections in various environments. These terminals feature a glue-lined heat shrink insulation that is applied after crimping, ensuring a completely waterproof seal. Made from high-quality copper and heat shrink materials, these terminals offer excellent conductivity and protection against moisture and other environmental factors. With a maximum voltage rating of 600V, Cabac Waterproof Splice Terminals are suitable for a wide range of electrical applications where moisture resistance is essential. Additionally, these terminals are certified by UL, ROHS, REACH, and CE, ensuring compliance with industry standards for safety and environmental sustainability.

Cable Size (mm2): 1.0-2.6
Terminal Type: waterproof Splice
Terminal Colour: Blue
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