End Connector Insulated White 1.0-3.0mm2

Item Number: EC2
Packaging Unit: 50 / Pack
  • Copper sleeve and nylon insulation for durability and safety.
  • Suitable for up to 300V and 105°C applications.
  • Compliant with UL486C and CSA C22.2 No.188.
  • Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial use.
  • Designed for secure wire terminations.
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Product Information

Product Description:

Pre-Insulated End Connectors, commonly referred to as 'Closed-End' connectors, are designed for electrical wire termination. These connectors ensure a secure, durable, and insulated connection suitable for a variety of electrical applications.

Material Composition:

Sleeve: The connector sleeve is made of high-quality copper, known for its excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Insulation: The sleeve is encapsulated in a nylon insulation, providing robust electrical insulation and mechanical protection.

Electrical Specifications:

Maximum Voltage Rating: These connectors are rated for a maximum voltage of 300V, making them suitable for low voltage applications.

Maximum Temperature Rating: The connectors can withstand temperatures up to 105 degrees Celsius, ensuring reliability in high-temperature environments.

Mechanical Properties:

Copper Sleeve: Offers superior electrical conductivity and ensures a secure crimping connection.

Nylon Insulation: Provides excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and high temperatures.

Safety and Compliance:

UL486C Approval: This product meets the standards set by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) under the category UL486C, indicating safety for wire connectors.

CSA C22.2 No.188 Certification: Complies with the standards of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) under CSA C22.2 No.188, ensuring quality and safety for the Canadian market.


These connectors are suitable for wire termination in a variety of electrical installations including residential, commercial, and industrial applications where low voltage and high temperature endurance are required.

Installation Instructions:

Wire Preparation: Strip the wire end as per the recommended strip length.

Insertion: Insert the stripped wire into the connector until it reaches the end.

Crimping: Use a suitable crimping tool to crimp the connector, ensuring a secure and permanent electrical connection.

Warnings and Cautions:

  • Ensure the electrical system is powered down before installation.
  • Use appropriate tools for crimping to avoid damaging the connector.
  • Do not exceed the specified voltage and temperature ratings.

  • Storage and Handling:
  • Store in a dry and cool place.
  • Avoid exposure to corrosive substances.

Cable Size (mm2): 0.5-6.6
Terminal Type: End Connector
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