Boot Lace Pin Kit & HNKE5

Item Number: BLPKIT2
Packaging Unit: 1 / Kit
  • Handy assortment of boot lace pin connectors in our most popular sizes for day to day use
  • Easy to use and store in your tool box
  • Contains 100pc -BLP050/BLP075/BLP100/BLP150/BLP250/BLP400
  • BLPT075/BLPT100/BLPT150/BLPT250
  • HNKE5 Crimper Included
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Product Information

Product Description

The Bootlace Pin Terminal Kits contain the most common bootlace pins packed with a crimper tool in a plastic box (Part No. KPB1).

Kit Contents

Kit contains 100 pieces of the following:

Bootlace Pins:
0.5mm2 White
0.75mm2 Blue
1mm2 Red
1.5mm2 Black
2.5mm2 Grey
4mm2 Orange

Bootlace Pins - Twin Pre-Insulated:
2 x 0.75mm2 Grey
2 x 1mm2 Red
2 x 1.5mm2 Black
2 x 2.5mm2 Blue

Supplied with a ratchet style crimper (Part No. HNKE5)
Length 230mm
Weight 400g

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