Bellmouth Copper Lug 185mm2 Cable 10mm Stud

Item Number: CAL185-10BM
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Made from high conductivity annealed copper
  • Crimped with CABAC and MSS Power standard tooling and dies
  • Suitable for fine strand conductors
  • Bellmouth makes insertion easier
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Product Information

Product Description

Copper Bell Mouth Lug for Stranded Cable

Designed to accommodate fine stranded flexible cable which tends to splay out after stripping. The special bell mouth funnel makes conductor insertion easy.

At the top end of the cable diameter range (around 150 to 240mm2) some manufacturers cables will not fit into the nominal lug. In this case CABAC recommends using one lug size up, and using the special crimping method described in the 'Crimping Fine Stranded Cable' fact sheet (see Useful Information above). More information is available from our Sales Team.

Please Note: Fine stranded cables need a higher crimping force so tools have to be de-rated from normal accepted crimping capacity.

Standards and Compliance

Test reports are available on request

Technical Data

Nominal Conductor (mm2): 185
ID Size (mm): 18.4
Stud (mm): 10
Qty Per Box: 20

Conductive Material
Copper 99.95% pure
Oxygen content 30 p.p.m Max.
Tensile strength 200 MPa
Ductile rating 40%
Final metal state fully annealed

Electroplating Material
Tin 99.9% pure
Other metals lead + antimony
Thickness 5 -10 microns

General Electrical Properties
Total conductivity 99.7% IACS
Total resistivity: 1.738 micro-ohm cm

Operating Temperature
-55 to 155 deg C due to oxygen-free copper

Dimensional Specification
Tooling is interchangeable between CABAC, Utilux and Burndy

Stud Size (mm): 10
Cable Size (mm2): 185
Lugs and Links - Material: Copper
Lug Type: Bellmouth
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