Tight Buffered Cable

Tight buffered fibre optic cable is ideal for use indoors and aboveground outdoors due to its LSZH Jacket and UV resistant sheath.

Available in a range of modes including OM1, OM3, OM4 and Singlemode and a number of core counts from 2 up to 24 cores.

The LSZH or Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket is available in the standard colours of Orange OM1, Aqua OM3 , Erika Violet OM4 and Yellow Singlemode4 as well as Black. Other select jacket colours are also available including Blue, Green, Pink and Red.

Buy Tight Buffered fibre optic cable online from MSS Data Solutions with fast delivery Australia wide, that's right we'll deliver your tight buffered cable Australia wide. 

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What is a Tight Buffered Fibre Cable?

Tight buffered fibre cables are constructed with 900μm fibres surrounded by aramid yarn in the outer jacket. A tight buffered fibre cable’s fibre core is coated with a waterproof acrylate and plastic that prevent moisture from entering the cable.

This type of fibre cable comes with a two-layer coating that provides a sturdy structure. Since this cable has a two-layer coating, it’s quite easy to install. Tight buffered cables have multiple applications. For example, this type of cable is ideal for underwater applications and those that need multiple bends.

Tight buffered fibre cables are also known as fibre distribution cables or riser cables. The main use of this type of cable is within campuses and buildings as they are installed in cable trays. As these cables are supplied with an LSZH shield, they are suitable for building networks on internal plants.

How to Choose Tight Buffered Cable

Whenever you buy tight buffered cable online, make sure you choose suitable items. In that case, you have to follow some factors:

  • Ensure the cables are made to provide high-speed network connections within indoor environments like data centers, industrial facilities, and office buildings.
  • It’s essential to check if tight buffered fibre optic cables are suitable for LAN installations where high data transfer is required.
  • In some cases, these types of cables can be used for harsh indoor environments. That’s why you have to choose a suitable one that goes well with harsh indoor conditions.

Loose Tube vs Tight Buffered Fibre Optic Cable

Loose buffered cable consists of 12 strands of fibre but can range as low as 6 and as high as 244 strands. This type of cable can be either optionally armored or dielectric. Loose tube cable uses aramid yarn as the primary strength member.

On the other hand, a tight buffered cable is used as a fibre jumper or optical patch cord. These types of cables are designed to protect individual fibres during routing, handling, and connectorization. As these types of cables are sturdy, they give maximum performance.

Benefits of Tight Buffered Cable 

Before buying tight buffered cable, it’s essential to learn about its benefits. The best part is this type of cable has several advantages:

  • Easy to Prepare For Termination — This type of cable is easy to terminate as compared to loose buffered cables. Using these cables reduces the risk of damage. Plus, they are easy to install.
  • Increases Reliability — Tight buffered fibre optic cables ensure reliability, providing consistent performance. This is essential for all those applications where signal quality and data integrity are essential.
  • Simplify Maintenance — Since tight buffered cables are sturdy and provide high performance, it’s easy to maintain them as compared to loose buffered cables.
  • High Fibre Density — This type of cable can accommodate a high fibre count in a small diameter which is good for various applications.

Where to Buy Tight Buffered Cable

Since tight buffered cables are very useful, various online websites sell them. But if you want to purchase high-quality cables, MSS Data Solutions is the best option. This excellent platform has a huge variety of tight buffered cables along with other useful products.

Visit MSS Data Solutions’ official page and browse all the riser cables available. You can also contact the MSS team and ask for more details before making a bulk purchase. 

Tight Buffered Cable Buying Guide 

It’s better to follow a buying guide before you buy tight buffered cable online, especially when it’s your first time. As tight buffered cables are very useful, you have to consider some factors:

  • Strength — Tight buffered cables are strongly built. Still, ensure they are sturdy enough for all indoor environments, including harsh environments like chemical exposure and underwater.
  • Length & Width — Since tight buffered cables are useful for different applications, it’s important to check the length and width as per your requirements.
  • Suitable For Harsh Environment — Tight buffered fibre cables are used in different environments, including harsh indoor environments. It’s essential to check if the cables are strong enough to handle those environments.
  • Reliability — One of the top considerations of buying tight buffered cables is reliability. Make sure you choose the right brand like MSS Data Solutions that provides top quality cables.

Shop Tight Buffered Cable Online in Australia on MSS Data Solutions

If you want to buy tight buffered cable online, visit MSS Data Solutions, a trusted website offering various networking products across Australia. Whether you need cable management, household organization, or industrial applications, MSS Data Solutions has options for everything.

With MSS Data Solutions, you can purchase tight buffered cable in bulk quantities. Our cables are available in various lengths, strengths, and designs, meeting your requirements. Therefore, we offer nationwide delivery across Australia, ensuring your order reaches wherever you are located. Whether you are from Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, or any other city, we ensure fast delivery.

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