Item Number: GN32
Packaging Unit: 5 / Box
  • Metric threaded glands made from Polyamide 6.6 with camera shutter cable sealing rated IP68.
  • Medium resistance to vegetable oils and Benzol
  • Conforms to Standards DIN VDE 0619, IP68 5 bar
  • Supplied complete with locknut and body seal
  • Max Torque: cap - 12Nm; nut - 12.42Nm
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Product Information

Product Description

The CABAC premium range of nylon metric glands are exceptional quality and designed to suit a variety of applications and conditions.

These glands are manufactured from halogen free, PA 66 nylon with built-in strain relief blades to protect the cable. The range is water resistant and UV stabilised so that it can withstand extended exposure to the outdoors. The fluid tight seal works on a camera shutter principle that delivers IP68 rated protection to 5 bar pressure. Other features include excellent chemical resistance and a long metric thread to suit Australian requirements.

CABAC makes it easy to have the right gland on hand when you need it. Our premium range of nylon glands clamp to a wide range of cable diameters, so selecting and maintaining stock inventory is simple.

Supplied complete with locknut and EPDM rubber washer.

Technical Data

Cable Thread Size: M32
OD Cable Range: 15-24mm
Thread Width: 15mm
A/F: 41.5mm

Not the size you're looking for? This range is available in a variety of sizes to suit cable diameters from 3mm to 47mm. To find the correct gland for your project refer to the product data sheet for a selection guide.

Compliance and Standards: DIN VDE 0619, IP68 5 bar
Chemical Resistance: Very resistant to petrol, diesel, mineral oils, strong alkalis and weak acids. Medium resistance to vegetable oils and Benzol.
Continuous Operating Temperature: -40 to +100 degrees Celsius
Plastic Deformation Temperature: 200 degrees Celsius
Volume Resistivity: 1 x 1012 ohm cm
Tensile Strength: 110 N/mm2 working and 2 240 N/mm ultimate
Density: 1.35 g/cm3
Breakdown Voltage: 60 kV/mm

Installation Tips

Our premium nylon glands do not need to be disassembled before installation. Simply insert the cable through and tighten up. The optimal gripping wrench area improves handling and the trapezoidal thread helps to prevent thread jumping. This allows for quick high torque tightening with reduced effort.

Optional neoprene seals are supplied for sealing the gland to equipment interface so that ingress protection can be maintained. Care should be taken during installation to ensure the gland is not overtightened as this can cause the seal to pop. The glands have a sealing ridge moulded into the gland base, which works effectively with equipment with built in threads, and a flat surface where the gland beds. In these cases, the neoprene seal is not required.

It is recommended that an appropriate sealing compound is used on the body thread in areas that the IP rating is critical.
CABAC's cable glands are suitable for use in machine installation, construction, measuring and regulating equipment, site installation and many other applications.

Check with CABAC technical staff if installed on light metal enclosures which must be immersed.

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