Metal Gland:Cable OD 19-28mm

Item Number: GU40
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Metal gland with camera shutter seal rated IP68 and seals to 5 bar. Complies IP69k (tested GU12, 25, 50 & 63)
  • Nickel plated brass gland with insert CR/NBR, rubber seal
  • Large cable range per gland with superior strain relief
  • The perfect gland for unarmoured PVC, XLPE and synthetic cables
  • Locknut sold separately, NBR O-ring included
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Product Information

Product Description

The GU range of unarmoured metric cable glands are perfect for use with PVC, XLPE and other synthetic cables.

These glands are rated IP68, with a nickel plated brass body to guard against the effects of corrosion and a fully insulated seal to ensure fluid tightness.

Unlike many traditional glands, the GU range has a camera shutter style sealing mechanism which allows each gland to fit a wide cable diameter range without sacrificing ingress protection.

How to Install:
Installation is extremely simple, just pass the cable through the assembled gland and tighten gland nut until the cable is secured. The gland has strain relief and twisting protection rated to DIN VDE 0619, so you can be sure that you are working with a quality product.

Lock nut sold separately.


Mounting Dia. (A): 40mm
Thread Length (B): 13mm
Min. Cable Range: 19mm
Max. Cable Range: 27mm
Width (A/F): 43mm
Recommended Torque: 10Nm
Locknut: LNM40

To browse other sizes of unarmoured metal cable glands, view the product range or refer to the product data sheet for a size selection guide.

Technical Data

Conformant Standard: DIN 46 319 (brass glands metric)
IP Rating: IP68
Threading: According to IEC 423, IEC 423A and EN 60423
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to normal organic solvents, mineral, animal and vegetable oils, fat and petrol
Continuous Operating Temperature: -20 to +100 degrees Celsius
Strain Relief and Twisting Protection: To DIN VDE 0619

Nickel plated brass body
Polyamide 6 insert (self-extinguishing)
Neoprene seal (self-extinguishing)
Neoprene O-ring (self-extinguishing)

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