Nylon Bush 25mm

Item Number: NSB25
Packaging Unit: 25 / Pack
  • Quick and simple way to protect a cable from sharp edges in penetrations and panel holes
  • Snap into place with self locking teeth
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Also used with our range of Nylon plugs
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Product Information

Product Description

Sharp edges can easily damage cables passing through panel holes. Our nylon bushes (grommets) are a quick and easy solution to this common problem, creating a smooth surface that protects cables against cuts and abrasions sustained from sharp chassis.

Installation is straightforward - the nylon bush grommet snaps into place using self-contained locking teeth to secure it to the panel hole. With the raw edges covered, feeding cables through the panel hole is a smooth and simple process. Alternatively, split bushing is available for when you need to retrofit cable protection to existing installations.

Our nylon bushing is available in a range of sizes, and is also compatible with our range of nylon plugs.

Product Dimensions

Chassis Thickness: 0.8-3.2mm
Hole Size (A): 25.1mm
Inner Diameter (B): 19.1mm
Outer Diameter (C): 28mm
Height (L): 11.5mm

Line drawing available for reference, see Additional Information.

Technical Data

Material: Nylon 66 UL, 94 V-2
Colour: Black

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