Nylon Cable Tie Releasable 200 X 4.8mm Black

Item Number: CTR200BK
Packaging Unit: 100 / Pack
  • Made from Polyamide 6,6, Halogen Free, Cable Tie
  • Releasable head and pawl are integrally moulded for added strengt
  • Smooth round edges do not cut insulation
  • UV Stabilised for outdoor use
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Product Information

Product Description

The CABAC range of releasable cable ties are easy to install, reopen and reuse. This makes them the ideal choice for securing cables temporarily, or when the bundle may need to be regularly opened to add, remove or rearrange cables.

Like our other quality nylon cable ties, the releasable range are made from halogen free polyamide 66 nylon. With an integrally moulded head and pawl and closely spaced locking teeth, these ties are strong, durable and allow for fine adjustment of cable bundles. The product also features safety-conscious round edges to help prevent damage to cable insulation or hands.

Our black releasable cable ties are UV stabilised for outdoor use.


Bundle Diameter: 50mm
Length: 200mm
Width: 4.8mm
Thickness: 1.3mm

Technical Data

Loop Tensile Strength: 22kg
Material: PA66 with UV stabilisers
UV Stability: 2.5% carbon black for UV protection
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius
Colour: Black

Bundle Diameter (mm): 50
Cable Tie Length (mm): 201
Thickness (mm): 1.3
Cable Tie Width (mm): 4.8
Cable Tie Type: Nylon Releasable
Cable Tie Colour: Black
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