Item Number: CT200BK/1000DL
Packaging Unit: 1000 / Pack
  • Patented Double Lock® design has teeth on both sides of the tie which provides 50% greater tensile strength than UL standard 22kg tensile strength cable ties.
  • Double Lock® cable ties have a loop tensile strength of 34KG and is made from durable, 100% nylon 6/6 material.
  • These cable ties meet UL 94 V-2 flammability classification with an operating temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.
  • Black ties are UV resistant which makes them suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Ideal for all bundling purposes; wires, cables, hoses or ducts.
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Product Information

Product Description

Use Double Lock cable ties when quality and extra tensile strength is needed for the job.

First to market, these nylon 6/6 cable ties are 50% stronger than industry standard cable ties (nylon cables ties with <4.9mm width) thanks to the patented ‘Double Lock’ design which features locking teeth on both sides of the tie and at the head ensuring a stronger connection.

With a tensile strength of 34KG, you can save time and money by using less cable ties to secure heavy objects or heavy wiring bundling requirements compared to using standard cable ties that have a tensile strength of <22KG.

Bundle Diameter (mm): 50
Cable Tie Length (mm): 203
Thickness (mm): 1.4
Cable Tie Width (mm): 4.3
Cable Tie Type: Nylon
Cable Tie Colour: Black
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