Nylon Cable Tie Heavy Duty 1530X9.0MM UV

Item Number: CT1530BK-HD
Packaging Unit: 25 / Pack
  • Heavy duty, self locking cable tie made from halogen free Polyamide 6/6.
  • Features a loop tensile strength of 79kg and a maximum bundle diameter of 460mm.
  • Meets UL 94 V-2 flammability classification with an operating temperature of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.
  • UV stabilised - suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Ideal for all bundling purposes; wires, cables, hoses and ducts.
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Product Information

Product Description

1530 x 9.0mm Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Tie Black UV 25 Pack

Our heavy-duty nylon cable ties are even stronger than our regular ties, making them perfect for applications that require a higher loop tensile strength.

CABAC nylon cable ties are made from halogen free PA66 nylon with an integrally moulded head and pawl. This, combined with intimate locking engagement between the pawl and strap teeth, means that our cable ties have high durability and strength without any metal parts.

CABAC heavy duty cable ties are designed to meet applicable strength requirements without sacrificing ease of use. In fact, our cable tie design incorporates several measures to improve comfort and safety. The product has smooth, round edges that are more comfortable to work with and reduce the risk of cuts to cable insulation or hands. The tail of the tie features a bent-tip with v-shaped grooving that prevents your grip from slipping. This means less effort during pick-up, insertion and pull through.

Our black heavy-duty ties are UV stabilised for outdoor use.

Technical Data

Loop Tensile Strength: 79kg
Bundle Diameter: 460mm
Length: 1530mm
Width: 9mm
Thickness: 2.1mm
Colour: Black

Conformant Standards: UL 62275, IEC62275
Smoke Emission: Halogen free
Material: Natural - PA6/6, Black - PA6/6 UV
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85 degrees Celsius
Flammability: U.L. 94V-2

Bundle Diameter (mm): 460
Cable Tie Length (mm): 1530
Thickness (mm): 2.1
Cable Tie Width (mm): 9
Cable Tie Type: Nylon
Cable Tie Colour: Black
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