Nylon Cable Tie 140 X 3.6MM Green

Item Number: CT140GR/100
Packaging Unit: 100 / Pack
  • Head and pawl are integrally moulded for added strength and durability. Tip designed for easier pick up, insertion and pull through
  • Smooth round edges do not cut insulation
  • Self-locking low profile head conserves space
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
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Product Information

Product Description

140 x 3.6mm Nylon Cable Tie Green 100 Pack

Whether you need a cable tie that will stand out or blend in, CABAC stocks a variety of coloured ties to suit your requirements. The range has all the features of our regular cable ties, including rounded edges than won't cut insulation, space-saving head and an easy to grip bent tip for quicker installation. However, these cable ties are made from coloured nylon that also allows them to be used for identification.

Colour coding is an excellent way to quickly identify or differentiate cable bundles by type, inspection status or security level. Our range of coloured cable ties are perfect for this purpose, with multiple sizes available in five popular colours: red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Alternatively, coloured cable ties are the ideal choice for blending in with wiring or conforming to surroundings of a similar colour. This provides a clean, professional finish.

No tools are required for installation, but we suggest using a cable tie tensioner when uniform tension and cut off is required.

Coloured cables ties are only suitable for indoor use.

Product Dimensions

Loop Tensile Strength: 18kg
Bundle Diameter: 33mm
Length: 140mm
Width: 3.6mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Colour: Green

Bundle Diameter (mm): 33
Cable Tie Length (mm): 140
Thickness (mm): 1.2
Cable Tie Width (mm): 3.6
Cable Tie Type: Coloured
Cable Tie Colour: Green
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