Exp.Polyester Braid Sleeve 3-7mm 100m

Item Number: EPBS4
Packaging Unit: 1 / Roll
  • Unique braiding design allows product to increase interior diameter considerably at the same time contracting in length
  • Flexible harness manufactured from monofilament polyester
  • Expandable, heat resistant and self-extinguishing
  • Available on reels and in handy kit packs
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Product Information

Product Description

Our polyester braided sleeving is a highly flexible cable management solution designed to bundle loose cables and wires into a protective cable harness. Made from monofilament polyester, the braid contracts in length to allow the internal diameter of the sleeve to expand. The large expansion range of our braided mesh means that the internal diameter of the sleeve will double in size to conform to cables and wires, as well as accommodate any irregularities in the size and shape of the cable harness bundle. The sleeve is easy to install, and once in place individual wires may be passed through the sleeving to allow for breakouts at any point along the length of the harness.

Braided sleeving provides mechanical protection, preventing wear and other surface abrasions from damaging conductors. The sleeving is resistant to most aggressive chemicals. The polyester material is also heat resistant and self-extinguishing, providing thermal protection for conductors.

Our bulk reels are perfect for dispensing custom lengths to suit the task at hand. Quality control specifications for a standard reel ensure that there should be no more than one joint per spool.

Product Specifications

Nominal ID: 4mm
ID Minimum: 3mm
ID Maximum: 7mm
Expansion Ratio: 1:2
Monofilament Diameter: 0.22mm
Reel Length: 100m

Also available in a handy kit pack of 10 metres for smaller jobs, refer part number EPBS4/K.

Not the size you're looking for? We have a wide variety of sizes to choose from-refer to the product data sheet for a handy selection chart.

Technical Data

Conformant Standards: IEC684-349, UL224
Material: Polyester
Operating Temperature: -50 to +150 degrees Celsius
Flammability: Self-extinguishing
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most aggressive chemicals

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