15 Tonne Hydraulic Punch Die Set

Item Number: SKP-15
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • A complete punch tool set including a pump and various dies for mild steel <3.2mm
  • Output of 15 tonnes and a ram stroke of 25mm
  • Round dies: dia. 22, 27.6, 34.1, 42.7, 48.7 and 60.5mm
  • Square die: 32x32mm
  • Additional dies and spindles also available separately
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Product Information

Product Description

The SKP-15 is a complete die punch set including a pump and various dies. The unit is an invaluable tool for punching round holes in steel plate up to 3.2 mm thick depending on the hole diameter. It has an output of 15 tonnes and a ram stroke of 25 mm.

The unit is supplied in a plastic box with pump, ram, die sets, accessories and operating instructions.

Plate Thickness Cutting

Brass = 3.5mm to 4.0mm
Aluminium = 4.0mm
Copper = 4.0mm
Mild Steel = 3.2mm

Technical Data

Dimensions (of kit box): L 410 x W 240 x H 135mm
Weight of kit: 15.2kg
Die sizes: Round - 22mm (0.866"), 27.6mm (1.086"), 34.1mm (1.343"), 42.7mm (1.68"), 48.7mm (1.917"), 60.5 (2.381"), Square - 32mm x 32mm
Weight: 380g

Separate dies:

PD16.2 = 16.2MM

PD20.4 = 20.4MM

PD22.5 = 22.5MM

PD25.4 = 25.4MM

PD32.5 = 32.5MM

PD40.5 = 40.5MM

PD50.8 = 50.8MM

PD60.5 = 60.5MM

PD63.5 = 63.5MM

PD88.9 = 88.9MM

PD115.5 = 115.5MM

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