5 Tonne Hydraulic Crimper

Item Number: HT51
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Designed for the overhead linesman - this crimper is lightweight and can be operated with one hand
  • Small enough to be carried in a tool pouch
  • Only three pumping operations required to complete crimp
  • Uses M series dies 6 to 185 sq. mm Cu & Al.
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Product Information

Product Description

The HT51 tool is a 5 tonne tool that is exceptionally light weight, and is designed primarily for the overhead linesman. It can be operated with one hand, and is small enough to be in the linesman's tool pouch.

- Nominal force 5 tonne at die faces
- Hexagonal dies for standard Australian dimensions
- Largest die size 22mm A/F, i.e., 185mm2 AL lug
- Only 3 pumping operations required to complete crimp
- Trigger release
- Compact
- Ideal for overhead or confined applications
- Reduced opening width of handles
- Rubber insulated handles
- Safety valve to protect against over-pressure
- Head rotates 180-
- The tool can be operated with one hand whilst using the other to ensure correct positioning of crimp
- Being light weight, authorities recommend this tool to reduce health and safety risk

The HT51 is supplied in a sturdy plastic case with 20 die storage pockets.

Technical Data

Length: 373mm
Weight: 2.6kg without dies and case

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