13T Battery Crimper Li-Ion

Item Number: B1350-CT
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • 18V battery powered hydraulic 13 tonne crimping tool, allows for more crimps per charge at a quicker pace
  • Balanced, low noise and vibration for better operator comfort
  • LCD condition display monitors the crimp pressure
  • Data logging of crimping cycles
  • Copper dies available up to 400 sq.mm
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Product Information

Product Description

The B1350-CT is the first 'C head' tool of the next generation of cordless hydraulic tools, heralding a significantly advantageous evolution from current models.

Born of the renowned B135-C type crimping tool, the 130 kN B1350-CT is suitable for a wide range of connectors up to 400mm- using all semi-circular slotted dies common to Cembre 130kN tools.

New Li-Ion 18V 4 Ah batteries offer a higher capacity than 14.4V 3 Ah, while greater crimping speed and crimping force result from a revitalised hydraulic system with double speed action: a more rapid approach of dies to the connector then a more controlled, powerful speed for crimping. A maximum pressure sensor and security valve together assure greater precision and repeatability of the pressure cycle and double the provision for operator safety.

13T Battery Hydraulic Crimper Features
- Greater crimping speed and force
- Maximum pressure sensor and security valve for greater precision and operator safety
- Bi-component plastic shell provides high resistance to wear and damage
- Rubber grip
- Low noise and minimal vibration for operator comfort
- LED lighting area for additional convenience and safety
- Crimping cycle data (up to 200,000 events) stored on memory card for transfer to PC by USB interface

Li-Ion Battery Features
- Provides 100% of its energy between -15¦C and 50¦C
- Electronic control of single cells to avoid overcharging and undercharging
- Air-cooled charging technology to increase battery life
- Quickest charging time
- Auto-off to optimise energy consumption

Technical Data

Crimping Force: 132kN
Length: 338mm
Height: 344mm
Width: 83mm
Battery: Li-Ion 18V 4.0 Ah
Weight (with battery): 6.41kg

The B1350-CT is supplied with
- Battery and shoulder strap
- Spare battery
- Battery charger
- Plastic carrying case suitable for storing the tool and seven die sets

OLED Display

The OLED display provides essential real time tool operating information data including:
- Minimum set force and momentary force reached expressed in kN (confirms correct operation
- Minimum set force and momentary force reached expressed in US Ton (confirms correct operation)
- Minimum set pressure and momentary pressure reached expressed in bar (confirm correct operation)
- Minimum set pressure and momentary pressure reached expressed in Psi (confirm correct operation)
- Battery charge level
- No. of cycles performed and No. of cycles recommended before scheduled maintenance
- Cembre logo, tool model and tool serial No.
- LED Worklights (On and Off)
- Return to factory settings/firmware version

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