Moulded Rubber Strap 890mm

Item Number: MRS890
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Used in any tie down situation
  • Each batch tested for breaking point, hardness and ageing
  • Manufactured of the highest quality EPMD rubber elastomer
  • Straps stretch to 1.6 times the original length
  • A high quality product manufactured in the USA
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Product Information

Product Description

Moulded rubber straps are used in any tie down situation, and are a high quality product manufactured in the USA. They are manufactured of the highest quality EPMD rubber elastomer.

Moulded Rubber Strap Features
- Will out perform most products in the market.
- Each batch is tested for breaking point, hardness and ageing.
- High quality rubber resists effects of: cracks and abrasions, steam, sunlight, oxidation, heat and cold.
- Straps will stretch to 1.6 times their original length
- Nylon hooks are available for high corrosions enviroments

The straps are imprinted with safety instructions and care should be taken whilst stretching the straps, with particular attention to the hook attachment of the far side of the strap.

Do NOT over strech, and if the attachment points are in doubt do not use.

Technical Data

Straps - EPMD rubber elastomer
Hooks - Steel tensile strength 700Mpa
Hook Load Certification: 68kg

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