Combination Cutter And Stripper

Item Number: KFLEX2
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Multi-purpose tool for stripping most wires - in particular round circular flex
  • Blade cuts longitudinal slit along a round flex
  • Small flex strippers with 6 graduations from 0.5-5mm2
  • Cutter for small flex wires and solid conductors up to 4mm2
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Product Information

Product Description

This stripper is a multi-purpose tool for stripping most wires, in particular round circular flex, as used in the CABAC plug and cord range.

- Use the end of the tool to strip the insulation off round circular cable
- It has a blade for cutting a longitudinal slit along a round flex
- It has small flex strippers with six graduations from 0.5mm2 to 6mm2
- A cutter for small flex style wires up to 6mm2 and solid conductors to 4mm2

Technical Data

Length: 150mm
Weight: 80g

Stripper Type: Cable End
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