Battery Clamp 250A

Item Number: BC250A
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Designed with a high standard of plating, hardened jaws and a copper shunt between the handles to prevent overheating of spring
  • Rated for 250A applications. Insulated cover.
  • Suitable for constant potential or series charging
  • Pack contains one each of positive and negative clamps
  • 4mm dia. pivot pin and powerful spring
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Product Information

Product Description

Battery Clamp 250A

Battery Clamp Features

• Rated for 250A application.
• Clamps have a high standard of plating with hardened jaws and copper shunt between handles to prevent overheating (softening) of
the springs
• Suitable for constant potential or series charging
• Heavy duty spring action handles with PVC extruded grips
• Ideally suited for automotive, welding and industrial machinery
• Size: 170mm
• Weight: 740g

Part No. BC250A

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