Soldersleeve Blue 1.0 - 2.0mm2

Item Number: SSBL-X
Packaging Unit: 10 / Pack
  • Adhesive lined heatshrink tube containing a sleeve of low melt point fluxed solder
  • Complete sealed soldered joint - created in one go
  • Good strain relief and high vibration resistance
  • Ideal for connections in hostile or moist environments
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Product Information

Product Description

Solder Splice Blue 1.0-2.0MM–

Solder Splices are an adhesive lined heatshrink tube containing a sleeve of low melt point fluxed solder. The conductors are inserted into the sleeve, and the strands intermingled.

The sleeves are shrunk onto the conductor using a heat gun, melting the solder at the same time, which connects the wires.

Solder Splice Features
• Completely sealed soldered joint is created in one go
• Heatshrink has an internal glue liner, which melts and seals the joint
• Joint with good strain relief, and high vibration resistance is created
• Fast and efficient way of joining two conductors
• Ideal for connections in hostile or moist environments

Technical Data

Melting temperature 126 to 145°C
Temperature rating -55 to +95°C
Dielectric strength 15 kV/mm–
Insulation resistance 1014 Meg Ohms
Mil Spec of Tubing MIL-I-23053/4, Class 1 AMS-3634
Mil Spec of Solder QQ5571E, MIL-S-14256


To install Solder Sleeves, strip the conductors (9mm). Slide a sleeve over one of the wires,push the conductors together and inter-mingle the wires. Slide the Solder Sleeve to the centre of the joint. Apply heat from the centre to the end of the sleeve, and focus heat on the solder until it flows. Shrink the ends of the heatshrink, ensuring the glue liner is melted and flows.

Avoid overheating, and set temperature to approximately 250°C. Do NOT use an open flame.

Terminal Type: Solder Splice
Terminal Colour: Blue
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