Piggy Back Quick Connect 6.4 X 0.8mm Dg Blue

Item Number: PB2-6.4DG
Packaging Unit: 50 / Pack
  • Double grip - separate crimp barrels for conductor and insulation
  • Conforms to AS 3169 and AS 4437
  • PVC insulated
  • Translucent nylon allows visual confirmation of installation
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Product Information

Product Description

Piggy Back Terminal 6.4 x 0.8MM Blue Q/C DG

The comprehensive range of pre-insulated terminals is continually being developed as switchgear, contactors, terminal blocks etc. evolve.

Pre-insulated Terminal Features
• High quality product meeting International Standards
• Funnel entry terminals allow easy conductor entry, minimising substandard crimps
• Long term electrical integrity
• Translucent nylon in fully insulated quick connector reduces installation errors
• Voltage rating 300V
• Full technical back up including QA
• Conforms to AS 3169 and AS4437

Note: All terminals should be crimped onto the conductor with a quality crimper that is designed to crimp the specific terminal type.

Technical Data

Conductive Material (Quick Connect Range) Brass 30% Zinc, 70% Copper Tensile Strength 580 MPa Ductile Rating 6% min Final Metal State Annealed Working Temperature Pre-Insulate -40°C to +105°C Brass 145°C Tin plated 160°C

Conductive Material (Except Quick Connect Range) Copper 99.9% Pure Tensile Strength 200 MPa Ductile Rating 35% min Final Metal State Fully Annealed Oxygen Content 50ppm max General Electrical Properties Total Conductivity 99.5% IACS Total Resistivity 1.738 micro-ohm cm

Electroplating Material Tin Tin Content 99.9% Other Metals Lead + Antimony Plating Thickness 2.5 microns Insulation Material PVC for all except nylon 6 or nylon 66 for FIQC Breakdown Voltage 1.5kV (min) Insulation Resistance Above 100 meg ohms Working Voltage Up to 300V AC/DC Conformant Standards AS4437, AS3169 Australia CSA Canada IEC Europe UL Nema USA Demko Denmark DIN VDE Germany Kema Holland JIS Japan; Nemko Norway ASE Switzerland BS United Kingdom

Torque Recommendations

For hardware being metric 8.8 tensile grade.

Thread Dia. (mm)Torque (Nm)








Nominal Pull Out Force

Pull out should be checked for each tool/terminal combination.

Wire Size (mm–)Pull Out Force kg (N)

0.254.6 (45)

0.506.0 (59)

0.758.6 (84)

1.0010.1 (100)

1.5013.2 (130)

2.5019.6 (192)

4.0026.5 (260)

6.0035.2 (345)

Terminal Type: Quick Connect Piggy Back
Terminal Colour: Blue
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