Jointing Compound Copper 220g

Item Number: EJCC/220
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Jointing compound to assist the joint integrity of Copper crimped and bolted connections
  • Fills voids left after bolting or crimping
  • Handy 220g plastic squeeze tubes - easy application
  • Urethane derivative of caster oil wilh 10% suspended copper
  • Assists current transfer and limits corrosion
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Product Information

Product Description

Generally copper crimped and bolted connections do not need jointing compound, however in certain circumstances jointing compound will assist the joint integrity.

EJCC/220 copper coloured jointing compound is recommended for bolted or crimped connections in hostile environments, This is made from a urethane derivative of castor oil, with 10% suspended copper. The compound stays in place in high temperature situations. It is ideally suited for C-connectors used for earth mats. The compound fills voids, and assists with current transfer, and limits corrosion within the joint. It is supplied in a handy 220g squeeze tube.

Please Note: Jointing compounds are made from a non-conductive oil base with suspended particles to suit a particular application. Each compound has specific properties and should only be used as prescribed by the manufacturer for its specific application. If in doubt about the application of a compound, please contact us for assistance.

Technical Data

Base oil - Castor Oil Derivative: 90%
Service Temperature: -40 to 150 degrees Celsius
Dropping Point: 260 degrees Celsius
Filler: 10% Copper

Use: Copper compound general purpose
Packing: 220g dispenser tube

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