Cu Lug Kit 2.5-16mm AND K26

Item Number: KPBK1
Packaging Unit: 1 / Kit
  • Kit contains a large quantities totalling 576 pieces of Uninsulated Copper lugs and links
  • Lugs and links range from 2.5-16mm2
  • Copper lug hand crimper tool K26 included
  • Supplied with KPB1 plastic compartment box
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Product Information

Product Description

This kit has large quantities of copper lugs and links from 2.5 to 16mm2 and a tool for crimping (Part No. K26), all packed in a sturdy plastic box (Part No. KPB1).

CABAC copper crimp lugs are made from 99.9%+ cu high conductivity annealed copper which gives the best electrical properties possible.

It is our recommendation that CABAC copper crimp lugs should be crimped with standard Australian tooling.

Kit Contents

100 x CAL2.5-5
100 x CAL2.5-6
50 x CAL4-6
50 x CAL6-6
50 x CAL10-6
25 x CAL16-6
25 x CAL16-8
100 x CAS2.5
50 x CAS6
25 x CAS16
1 x K26
1 x KPB1

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