Heatshrink End CAP 55-26MM Unlined

Item Number: SRE4U
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Seals cable ends during installation or storage. Made from cross-linked Polyolefin. Unlined.
  • Resistant to UV rays, aggressive soils, chemicals and corrosion
  • Quick reliable seal
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Product Information

Product Description

Heatshrink End Cap 55-25MM Unlined

Heatshrink end caps are used for sealing cable ends during installation or storage. They are made from crosslinked polyolefin and have a hot melt glue liner that bonds the cap to the cable jacket.

Heatshrink End Cap Features
• Quick reliable seal of cable ends
• Watertight and unlimited storage life
• Highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, aggressive soils, chemicals and corrosion


The end cap should be shrunk onto the cable end starting the shrinkage process from the closed end. Once shrink is complete glue should extrude from the edges of the cap.

Technical Data

Conformant Standards: IEC:VDE:DIN
Material: Cross-linked polyolefin with thermoplastic sealant
Continuous Operating Temp: -35°C to +110°C
Shrinkage Temp: Starts 105°C Completed 135–
Tensile Strength: 12MPa
Elongation at Break Point: 500%
Longtitudinal Shrinkage: 10%
Breakdown Voltage: 10kV/mm wall thickness
Volume Resistivity: 1.0 x 1014 ohms cm
Water Absorption: <0.15%
Flammability: Do not use in flame prone areas
UV Resistance: Passed ISO 1408

Line drawing available. See Technical Data.

Heatshrink Colour: Black
Heatshrink Type: End Cap
Product Colour: Black
Pre-Shrink Diameter (mm): 55
After-Shrink Diameter (mm): 26
Heatshrink Tube Length (M): 0.103
Recovered Wall Thickness (mm): 3.5
Glue Lined: No
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