V7 2 STEP Precision Cleaver

Item Number: CLEAVER-V7
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
Compatible with all M and VIEW series fusion splicers
single and ribbon cleaving up to 12 fibres
Easy and simple 2 step operation
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Product Information

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V7 2 Step Precision Cleaver

The Inno V7 Series Precision Cleaver is designed for installers terminating both loose tube and tight buffered style cables and the universal holder that works with both 250um and 900um means there's no time lost setting up the cleaver when you change fibre types.

With a typical blade life span of 48 000 cleaves, the V7 Series is ready for daily use by dedicated Fibre installers and to protect your precision tool when not in use a storage case is included. An automatic sharps bin comes standard with the V7A model, keeping your work area free of sharps making it OH&S friendly. The V7 Series produces cleave angles of less than 0.5 degrees making low loss terminations quick and easy to complete, saving the installer time and money by not re-terminating splices due to poor cleave angles.

The optional Ribbon Fibre Holder upgrades the V7 Series Cleaver into an NBN ready Ribbon Fibre cleaver, making it the ideal Cleaver for all fibre terminations.

V7 2 Step Precision Cleaver Features
• Compatible with 250µm and 900µm cables
• Optional Ribbon Fibre Holder
• Lightweight compact size
• Durable blade lifespan over 48,000 cleaves
• Automatic sharps collection bin (V7A model only)

1.36 MB
Technical Data
215.03 kB
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