Deployable Reel - Medium

Item Number: DR380
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Heavy-duty lightweight deployable reels
  • Latching door protects internal fibre optic connectors
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty rubberised plastic
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Product Information

Product Description

Deployable Reel - Medium

The heavy-duty light-weight deployable reel provides the ideal solution for running fibre optic cable for temporary connections. The latching door provides a secure area inside the drum for protection of the internal fibre optic connectors.

Reels are easily transportable, come in 3 sizes offering varying cable lengths from 100 to 600 metres and are manufactured from heavy duty rubberised plastic.

The reels can be supplied loaded with the fibre cable and connectors of your choice supplied fully tested ready for deployment.

Ordering Information

Part No. Approx. Max. Cable Length (M) Version/Weight (KG)

+© 4.5mm +© 6mm +© 7.5mm

DR310 250 150 100 1.78

DR380 450 300 180 4.35

DR450 600 400 220 5.14

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