MSS Fibre Plastic Fibre Connector

Item Number: CON-HFBR4501Z
Packaging Unit: 6 / Pack
  • Compatible with Avago Versatile Link family of connectors and fibre optic components with snap-in action
  • Made of a flame retardant VALOX UL94 V-0 material
  • Colour-coded
  • RoHS-Compliant
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Product Information

Product Description

HP Plastic Fibre Connector Grey Simplex

MSS Plastic fibre connectors are a low cost solution for optic networks. They are designed to suit 1mm diameter plastic optic fibre (POF).

The MSS Plastic HFBR fibre connectors are available in two styles: latching and non-latching. The connectors are made of a rugged, flame retardant plastic which is good for industrial and other harsh environments. The HFBR Connectors are available in three colours; black, blue and grey.

Plastic Fibre Connector Features
• Durable ULTEM plastic material
• Easy connectivity
• Low manufacturing cost
• Suitable for harsh environments

(POF) connectors can be used for any application in which plastic optical fibre is used including:
• Industrial control and voltage isolation
• Automotive networks
• Proprietary system interconnects
• Gaming equipment
• Medical equipment
• Telecommunications
• Data communications
• Home audio

Termination Method: Plastic
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