MSS Fibre 48 Core Singlemode Indoor/Outdoor Riser Yellow LSZH Jacketed Cable

Item Number: CAB-IOR-48-SM-YL
Packaging Unit: 1 / Metre
Riser cable constructed from 900um made from PVC tight buffered fibres
LSZH outer sheath
Flexible and lightweight
Dry block, water-swellable, aramid reinforcing blocking yarns
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Product Information

Product Description

48F Indoor/Outdoor Riser Cable SM Yellow

ROHS compliant multi-fibre riser cable constructed from 900um PVC tight buffer jacketed fibres, stranded together with aramid yarn and 'Dry-
Block' water-swellable aramid reinforcing and blocking yarns, typically over sheathed with black UV resistant LSZH for indoor/outdoor versions.

Sheath printing includes length marking at 1 meter intervals. Options include PVC sheath, NHFR sheath, alternative colours, any fibre type and up to 96

Riser Cable Features
• Tough UV resistant LSZH Jacket
• Dry-Blocked Core
• 900 um tight buffered optical fibre
• Aramid yarn reinforcing

The outdoor version of this tight buffer riser cable is the preferred selection for direct termination methods linking buildings and used as backbones. It features a 'dry' water blocking system to prevent the flow of water along the cable in the event of sheath breech, a UV resistant LSZH jacket for exposed situations, and it can accommodate all fibre types including different types within the same cable. PVC and NHFR sheathed options are available as are alternative colours. These are ideal for duct and indoor applications. Generally NHFR and non-black materials do not have the same high level of UV resistance as the standard offerings.

Mode: SM
# of Cores - Fibre: 48
Armoured: No
Sacrificial Sheath: No
Cable Jacket Material: LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Fibre Cable Type/Construction: IOR | Indoor Outdoor Riser
Jacket Colour: Yellow
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