PROKit PC Service Kit

Item Number: PK-2088B
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Supplied in a zip up folder containing essential tools for PC servicing
  • Quality high end tools
  • Long nose pliers
  • Soldering iron and much more
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Product Information

Product Description

This Tool Kit contains the most essential high quality tools used for PC servicing neatly stored in a quality zip up folder.

Kit Contents

1 x 135mm Long Nose Plier
1 x 110mm Diagonal Cutting Plier
1 x 150mm Adjustable Wrench
1 x Soldering Iron
1 x De-solder Wick
1 x Square Scraper/Stainless Steel Brush
1 x Slotted Shaft/Split 45 Lever
1 x Tapered Reamer/Tapered Needle
1 x Solder
1 x Heat Sink
1 x 3 Prong Holder
1 x Hex Screwdriver 5mm
1 x Hex Screwdriver 6mm
1 x Long Handle Static Brush - 40mm
1 x 3m Wrist Strap
1 x Wire Stripper and Cutter
1 x De-soldering Pump
1 x IC Extractor
1 x PLCC Extractor
1 x Torque T10H Driver 75mm
1 x Torque T15H Driver 75mm
1 x Screwdriver 3.2 x 75mm
1 x Screwdriver Phillips #0 75mm
1 x Screwdriver 5.0 x 75mm
1 x Screwdriver Phillips #1 x 75mm
1 x 165mm Reverse Action Tweezers
1 x Super Fine Tip Straight
1 x Zipper Carry Bag

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