Metal Gland Shroud Size 3

Item Number: SH3
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Made from a unique stretchy PVC material so they have a large range taking capability
  • Orange in colour for easy identification
  • Halogen free, low smoke and flame retardant
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Product Information

Product Description

PVC cable gland shrouds are designed to assist with weatherproofing and to protect the gland body from dirt and other foreign matter.

The CABAC range of metal gland shrouds are halogen free, low smoke and flame retardant. The unique PVC material stretches to fit a wide range of gland sizes.

Available in orange colour for visibility and easy identification.


Min Length Diameter (A): 75mm
Min Gland Diameter (B): 39mm
Cable (C): 16mm
Note: dimensions should be regarded as minimum due to the stretch capability of the product.

Available in sizes 1 to 7. View the product range for more information or refer to the product data sheet for a handy shroud size chart.

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