SWA Gland Cable 15.0-20.9

Item Number: CW20
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Nickel plated brass cable glands for steel wire armoured cables with unique wedge seal for quick and easy installation
  • Weatherproof IP66 rated with seal to cable outer jacket
  • Large cable range per gland, thus reducing inventory
  • Conforms to BS6121:Part 1:1989
  • Locknut sold separately. No gasket supplied.
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Product Information

Product Description

The CABAC range of armoured metal glands are a weatherproof solution when working with steel wire armoured cable.

The brass body is protected by anti-corrosive nickel plating that prevents deterioration. A neoprene rubber seal to the cable outer jacket excludes dust and water with a protection rating of IP66.

Each gland can accommodate a generous cable range to simplify product selection. Suitable for PVC and XLPE insulated armoured cables.

To install, simply follow normal gland installation practices. Our SWA glands feature a wedge seal which deflects inwards. This unique feature makes our product easier to work with than conventional glands and saves the installer valuable time.

Lock nut sold separately.


Mounting Thread Dia. (C): 20mm
Thread Length (D): 15mm
Max. Under Armour Cable Range (A): 13.9mm
Min. Cable Range (B): 15mm
Max. Cable Range (B): 20.9mm
Armour Wire Dia.: 0.9-1.25mm
Across Corners: 30mm

Lock nut: LNM20
Shroud: SH2

Tip: to ensure you choose the correct gland, it is essential to make sure you have determined the over and under armour dimensions of your cable- this data can be found in cable manufacturers technical books or by measuring the cable.

Available in a range of sizes, refer to the product data sheet for a handy SWA gland selection chart.

Technical Data

Body: Brass
Finish: Nickel plated
Seal: Neoprene rubber
Conformant Standard: BS6121: Part 1:1989
IP Rating: IP66

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