Cabac 9.5mm S/Steel 304SS Buckle 100 Pk

Item Number: CABBUCKLE9.5
Packaging Unit: 1 / each
  • Resistant to extreme acidity, alkalinity and highly corrosive environments use to secure cables to poles, signs to poles, switch boards etc.
  • High clamping force - long term stability
  • Used in food, hospital, dairies and power generation areas
  • Securely fastened - straps hard to cut or undo
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Product Information

Product Description

These 9.5mm stainless steel buckles are used with our CAPSTRAP stainless steel strapping to create a band for securing cables to poles, mounting signage, switch boards, pipes and more.

One installed, the buckles are secure and cannot be easily reopened.

Tools and Equipment

Our stainless steel buckles are designed for use with the equivalent CABSTRAP strapping.
Part number: CABSTRAP9.5

Buckles can be tightened on the strap using one of our tensioning tools.

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